Our Wines - Estate Reserve Riesling (2013)

Estate Reserve Riesling

Estate Reserve Riesling (2013)

This wine exhibits aromatic intensity being lead by floral aromas, citrus, and honey suckle. The palate yields a kiss of residual sugar and well-balanced mouth watering acidity with flavors of citrus zest, honey suckle, and white tea leaves.
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Estate Reserve Riesling

Specifications - Estate Reserve Riesling (2013)

Estate Reserve Riesling
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The Estate Reserve line is only produced from the best years for each varietal and exclusively sourced from our Sustainably farmed vineyard. The fruit was a 50:50 blend of hand and machine picked fruit. The grapes were pressed and only free run was used in the production of this wine. The juice was double settled and a cool slow fermentation ensued. Two yeast strains were employed in the production of this wine. The fermentation lasted one month and stopped spontaneously leaving behind naturally balanced acidity and sugar.
Estate Reserve Riesling

Pairing - Estate Reserve Riesling (2013)

This wine pleads to be paired with Asian cuisines and especially spicy Asian cuisine. Semi-soft cheeses, fresh fruit, and salads.